Artists’ Resource for Completion

  1. “It was educational and inspiring to read other artists’ proposals. I could see what worked and what didn’t and later I used that information to strengthen my own grant writing. But what’s most exciting is seeing how much creativity there is in L.A” -- artist/panelist

Dear Artist,

Effective January 2011, Durfee entered into a partnership with the Center for Cultural Innovation to administer the ARC grant program.

Why?  It’s time to make ARC stronger!   By partnering with CCI – an organization with a robust infrastructure and a track record for supporting artists – Durfee’s ten-year investment in ARC has the potential to bear an even greater yield for the L.A. arts community.

We are very pleased with this partnership, and hope you will be, too.  Durfee already enjoys a strong relationship with the Center for Cultural Innovation.   The Foundation  was an early funder of CCI during its launch, and Cora Miriktani is also a former Durfee Stanton Fellow.  We have confidence in CCI, and believe they have the capacity to manage ARC efficiently and fairly for L.A. artists.

Please rest assured that this administrative change does not mean that Durfee is pulling its support from the arts. It is our intention to work closely with CCI during the next couple of years to build a donor base to sustain ARC long-term as a resource for artists in Los Angeles.  CCI and Durfee are both headquartered in Los Angeles, and ARC will remain a fund dedicated to L.A.  As new funds are raised, we hope that Durfee funds might be redirected to new forms of support for LA artists.  That may take some time, but stay tuned.

From now on, artists clicking on Durfee’s ARC application page will be hyper-linked to CCI’s website.    The application, quarterly deadline cycle, selection process, geographic focus on L.A. and grant dollars available will remain the same.   The selection panel will continue to be made up of artists who are former ARC recipients, as well as CCI staff.  Hopefully, the overall transition will prove to be fairly seamless from your perspective as an artist and prospective applicant.

We have assembled an ARC Transition Team to assist us through the coming months.  The team is comprised of ten artists who have received ARC grants and who have also served as panelists.  They will work with both CCI and Durfee to guide us through the transition, and will be our eyes and ears in the community to relay to us any concerns or glitches that they may hear of.  Their names are below.

Periodically, we will conduct an electronic survey to assess artists’ satisfaction with the administrative change, and will reengage the Transition Team for their counsel at that time.

Of course, you don’t have to wait to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have!   I am always available by phone (310.899.5120) or email (  Please feel free to be in touch.

With gratitude for your work in the arts,

Claire Peeps
Executive Director

ARC Transition Team

Ana Maria Alvarez, choreographer
Joyce Dallal, visual artist
Geoff Gallegos, musician
Danial Nord, visual artist
Lionel Popkin, choreographer
Susan Simpson, puppeteer
Kim Trang-Tran, filmmaker/media artist
Terry Wolverton, literary artist
Kristina Wong, theater artist
Linda Yudin, choreographer