Earthwatch Ignite

  1. “It’s true that I learned a lot in the field about fish and coral, but the real learning I did was about myself. Now I feel prepared for college and the real world.” -- Earthwatch Ignite LA student

In partnership with Earthwatch, the Foundation offers Los Angeles-based high school students gifted in the arts and humanities an opportunity to spend two intensive weeks during the summer at a scientific research station. The aim is to excite the students’ imagination, expand their potential, and stimulate their curiosity about science and technology. Recent research sites include the Los Alamos National Observatory in New Mexico, the Skagit River Basin in Washington, and the Churchill Northern Studies Center in Manitoba, Canada, among others. Earthwatch Ignite’s application process is open only to high school students in Los Angeles County.

Please visit the Earthwatch Institute for additional information about this program.

The goals of the Earthwatch Ignite program are:

  • To identify high-school students throughout LA County who are creatively talented, and send them to work with professional research scientists
  • To immerse students in high-level science as it’s actually practiced, beyond anything they would encounter in their high-school classroom
  • To give the students a “gee-whiz” experience

To support these programmatic goals, Durfee is committed:

  • To have a wide range of scientific fields represented
  • To continuously improve the roster of scientists and research projects involved in the program