Other Work

In addition to its core programs, Durfee provides support for a few other efforts that bolster the work of people in the nonprofit sector.

What’s Next: Leading a Thriving Transition

Leadership transitions can bring specific challenges and opportunities as executives explore their legacy, the board’s increased leadership role, and the organization’s readiness for change. What’s Next: Leading a Thriving Transition supports this critical process by engaging leaders in strategic discussions and exercises on sustainability planning, leadership transitions, and the personal aspects of both that are unique to long-time leaders.  What’s Next supports leaders to depart with strength and poise, and helps organizations prepare for and embrace change. The program, which has served 65 people from five cohorts since 2014 on the East Coast, launches in Northern and Southern California in Spring 2017.  For more information, go to: whatsnext.tsne.org.

Courage to Lead

Courage to Lead provides leadership training, nurturing and renewal for nonprofit executive leaders through a year-long program that consists of quarterly retreats at Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara. Durfee supports alumni from our Sabbatical, Stanton and Springboard programs to engage in CTL programs as a way to deepen and sustain the benefits of their Durfee experience.

Talent Philanthropy Project

Durfee is a funding partner in the national initiative, the Talent Philanthropy Project (TPP). TPP aims to increase the impact and sustainability of the nonprofit sector by encouraging foundations and nonprofits to invest in improved personnel policies, professional development, leadership development and career development for staff and volunteers. TPP’s vision is for a people-powered social sector with a diverse, high-performing workforce.

Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative

Durfee is one of several LA-based grantmakers to participate in a pooled fund in support of the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI). NSI supports Los Angeles area nonprofits in exploring and implementing formal, long-term partnerships and restructuring efforts that lead to greater organizational effectiveness and efficiencies.

Alliance for Justice

In 2014, Durfee helped the Washington, D.C.-based Alliance for Justice open a satellite office in Los Angeles. Durfee provided lead funding in support of the Bolder Advocacy Initiative, an effort to build the capacity of the nonprofit sector to engage in advocacy to promote positive social change. The Alliance for Justice continues to advance the work of many Durfee grantee organizations through workshops, trainings and counseling.