1. “I had never worked in a nonprofit organization or served on a board, so it was a gift to have someone like Tom to bounce ideas off and give me advice. He had so much experience in this area. I could ask him about everything from financial management and fundraising to institutions infrastructure and he could tell me how others in the field dealt with those things.” Mark Allen, Springboard Grantee

The Durfee Foundation believes that good ideas filter up, and that change depends on making room for newcomers – those who bring fresh ideas and new approaches to problem-solving. The Foundation’s Springboard Fund supports dynamic leaders of new social-benefit ventures in Los Angeles who apply innovative strategies to complex community challenges. The best candidates for the Fund will be those who build communities in unexpected ways, by bringing together groups from different sectors with overlapping interests.

The Fund offers two-year grants of up to $70,000, typically $35,000 each year. Springboard Fund grants are unrestricted, and can be used for general operating support, salaries, technical assistance, equipment purchase or whatever else the organization deems necessary for its development.

The Foundation also believes that the development of good ideas is cyclical, and that those who have built robust institutions from concept to program have much to share with those whose organizations are at an early stage. For this reason, the Springboard Fund will pair each grant recipient with a seasoned nonprofit professional who will provide advice and assistance throughout the two-year grant period.