Who We Are

The way our founders Stan and Dorothy Durfee Avery lived their lives inspires us to work as we do today. Just like them, we believe that novel ideas from people with fresh perspective, passion, and determination will generate a brighter future for Los Angeles.

The Potential of Extraordinary People

The Durfee Foundation believes that smart, innovative, passionate people are our most powerful force for progress. Everything we do is in service of supporting and connecting creative people who have fresh perspectives.

Original Thinking

At Durfee, we do not assume that the way things have been done in the past is the best way to operate now or in the future. We work hard to find and support innovative people who demonstrate a generative spark — the potential to think creatively, embrace change, take risks, and learn continuously.

Bridge Building

Building strong relationships is important to us. By encouraging collaboration, and working across sectors and neighborhoods, the Durfee Foundation strengthens the civic fabric of LA.

We’re a small, resourceful team that approaches our work with a fun-loving sense of possibility and progress.

Our Approach

The Durfee Foundation’s approach demonstrates its tinkering culture and deep commitment to the success of grantees, partners, and LA.


Transparency is important to us and we are proud of our financial records and policies as a foundation.