Springboard Fund

"The Springboard Fund gave us the runway to keep moving and pursue other funders that needed to see a track record before investing." -Rudy Espinoza, Inclusive Action for the City

The Springboard program supports emerging organizations and leaders who are implementing creative and novel strategies to address challenges in Los Angeles County.

Durfee believes the best approaches to problems often come from people with lived experience of the issue. We look for the leaders who are deeply rooted in the community,  and for responsive organizations that are taking a surprising, different strategy to an issue facing Los Angeles County, pulling from various disciplines, issue areas, and interests

The program offers two-year general operating support of $90,000, or $45,000 each year. In addition, each organization is paired with a mentor for the two-year grant period: a Durfee alum with deep and relevant expertise who will provide advice and assistance. Most Springboard organizations tell us that this aspect is even more valuable than the financial support.

The Springboard review process is highly selective and favors only a small number of projects that show promise of long-term viability (typically 3–4 organizations per year). Please consider the grant criteria below carefully to determine whether your mission, organization, and timing are a good fit.

Updated March 2023


  • Support dynamic leaders who apply creative, community-driven strategies to challenges in LA county
  • Assist emerging community organizations in advancing to the next stage of their development
  • Link new leaders with established mentors who can guide their organizational path