1. “The Stanton grant gave me the incentive to learn about and analyze different models of building bridges between local government and philanthropy, and the time and money to do it.” Torie Osborn

How would you make Los Angeles a better place?

The Durfee Foundation’s Stanton Fellowship provides up to six fellows with $100,000 each over a two-year period to think deeply about the intractable problems in their sector, and to tease out solutions that will improve life for the people of L.A.

The Stanton Fellow

We are seeking the most knowledgeable, inquisitive, ambitious, influential and highly networked leaders – the ones who are best positioned to identify and solve a thorny problem, if they could just clear the decks. The Stanton Fellowships buy leaders time to leverage their knowledge and contacts.

The Stanton Project

We are looking for projects that propose adaptive strategies, not a technical fix. We assume that the Stanton journey may not be linear, will likely involve both known stakeholders and new partners, and that it will require patience, perseverance and flexibility. Whether or not the problem is solved, we expect Stanton Fellows to share their lessons learned with colleagues in the field, so others can build upon that knowledge.

Each fellow designs his or her own project and plan. We are looking for projects that build on the fellow’s expertise and allow him or her to reach in new directions. Fellows should present projects that they would not otherwise be able to do in the course of their day-to-day work, if not for the Stanton Fellowship.

Possible use of the funds might include domestic or international travel, attending conferences, hiring research assistants or consultants, or a writing retreat. The goal is to enable fellows to expand knowledge, hone professional skills, form strategic alliances, and advance their work to the next level. It is presumed that the project will require the fellow’s release from regular responsibilities for planned segments of time, for a total of three months in blocks of time of two weeks or longer.

The Stanton Network
Peer learning is an important component of the Stanton Fellowship. The Stanton Fellows meet regularly to share their work, learn from one another about their respective fields and projects, and discover more about Los Angeles from field trips to different neighborhoods and hearing from local experts. The Stanton Fellows come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and we expect they will bring curiosity and engagement to a cross-disciplinary network. Stanton Fellows engage intensively with peers in their cohort during the two-year fellowship. The peer network of all Stanton alumni is strengthened by biannual retreats.