Artist & Organizer
Stanton Fellowship, 2020

Artist, organizer, educator, author and public speaker, Patrisse Cullors is a Los Angeles native and co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, founder and chair of Dignity and Power Now and Reform L.A. Jails, and faculty director of the Social and Environmental Arts Practice MFA Program at Prescott College. Patrisse directs and produces theater, performance pieces and docu-series, and describes art as “an economic and spiritual engine that if used properly can and does transform the world.”  Her Stanton inquiry draw on her experiences to explore what impact artists could have on social justice, prison abolition, community organizing and healing.

Fellowship Summary:

Abolition and art has always been a North Star for me. During the Durfee fellowship, I was able to deepen my practice through abolition and art. There was a deep healing during this fellowship that I didn’t realize I would experience. I am grateful for this experience, the people I met, and the container that Durfee provided for us to grow and transform.

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